CMS-75 CMS-150 CMS-300 CMS-500 CMS-1000 CMS-5000  
Welding rotary table / Positioning device
The forward/reverse rotation of rotary disc is controlled by foot pedal.
It can work with TIG/CO2 for automatic welding.

The face of the disc has three long slots/T-shape slots to fasten 3-claw or mould.
The control type of CMS75¬-CMS300 can be origin return type and traditional type.
The rotating speed of the disc is controlled by VR for convenience and quickness.
Model No Max. load Disc's diameter Disc's rotating speed Disc's angle Tilting angle Input power
CMS-75 75 kg Ø 310mm 0.5~12 rpm 0°~90° manual 110V/220V 1 Ø