CMH-600 CMH-800 CMH-1000 CMH-1500  
horizontal circumference Welding machine
Twin gun tig (special twin gun)
The machine is suitable for cylindrical shape and pipe to pipe welding and machine's precision processing to increase welding stability.

Spindle moves on the linear slide rail to increase durability and exactness. It's the most suitable for veneer and pipe to pipe welding.

The control system uses program to control TIG welding the ending arc to eliminate the problem of the ending hole.

Can be added with TIG frrding system and work with TIG/CO2、SAW for automatic welding.

Model no Opening of
Max. diameter
of workpiece
Rotating speed
of spindle
supporting set
Input power Driving motor
CMH-600 600mm(max) Ø400mm(max) 0.5~8.5 rpm 0 110V/220V 1 Ø DC motor