l Robust structrue, good stability and long servicing life. The production process conform to the CNS standard.
l Gear type balancing device & table adjusting device. Balance between the pressing post and the table is maintained to ensure precision and nice bending surface for the work piece.
l Precision design for the hydraulic system and the electrical circuit. simple piping system and quiet running. Equipped with adjustable upper & lower limit stroke device to increase efficiency.
l Two steps speed control. Fast descending and slow speed impression to avoid collision. This will increase work piece accuracy and operation stability.
l The foot switch controls the ascending and descending. It has automatic, slight movement and manual operational function, and is simple to operate.


Integrated hydraulic circuit design,
compact, does not generate high
temperature, Plus easy servicing.
Gear type balance control with high precision. Upper limit impression, upper limit timing control and fixed bending angle can be adjust randomly. PLC design, minimal wiring, low breakdown rate and long servicing life. Simple adjustment and testing. Operator can do simple trouble-shooting.

Specification for the Hydraulic Press Brakes

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