General Product Description
Silver Fern Enterprise Ltd. is the authorized export agent for Wei Tien Lin Machinery Co., Ltd., Wei Tien Lin is specialized in manufacturing welding machines series and whole plant equipment for electric fan guard. Wide range of products include air pressure spot welder, hydraulic heat forging welder, air pressure butt welder, air pressure automatic seam welder, oil pressure machine, auto rolling cutter, various circle spot welders, rolling flat machine, straight-line, trimming machine, foot spot welder, foot
butting welder, etc. We believe optimum machining quality results from the intelligent investment of capital in reliable machinery. Each machine is technically made at reasonable prices and is rigorously inspected before shipment to ensure your quality and safety guaranteed. Your comments and inquiries are most welcome.

Product Feature
* Cylinder and cylinder seat are made of special ball bearing with low coefficient of friction, more fixer than ordinary bushings, quick response, and low air consumption. The cylinder outlet can be adjusted at two steps.
* Use of IC control regulating circuit and IC digital control circuit which are very stable in electric current output to reach excellent welding effect.
* The power is under control of S.C.R. solidstate switch and stageless adjustment.
* The transformer is water cooling type, and the primary coil is made of heat-resisting glass wire insulation.

* Use of IC electronic control, synchronous circuit, and the electric current is controlled by S.C.R. solidstate switch stageless adjustment.
* Upper arm electrode brass can be adjusted 360o to weld accurately in horizontal and vertical requirement. Lower arm chrome electrode brass can be changed for application of both horizontal and vertical welding.
* Power transmission is used of variable speed change so as to be adjusted for needed accurate speed, and the upper and low chrome electrode brass is designed for synchronous running in welding.

Product Specifictation:
1. Air-pressure spot welder.
2. Air-pressure butt welder.
3. Hydraulic heat forging welder.
4. Whole plant equipment for electric fan electric fan guard.
5. Air-pressure automatic seam welder.
6. Various machinery.

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