Company profile

Silver Fern Enterprise Ltd. was set up in 1995. With partners each specialized in different area of manufacturing process, we are able to provide quality products to the market, and with years of professional manufacturing experience provided by our partners, we are proud to offer our quality Taiwan Made products to the world. Considering our partners' technical know-how, production facilities and decades' on job experiences, we are confident and enthusiastic to provide our best service to our customers worldwide.


Due to commercial ethic, certain items that we have made for our clients will not be available to other customers. This will ensure our clients have full confidence in our company to manufacture their special products. So, if your company got the good products that you would like to mass-produce economically, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Beside the above service that we are providing to our overseas clients, we are also actively promoting many wide ranges of foreign products to our Taiwanese domestic market. If you got good products that you would like to promote to this market, why not get in touch with us now?

Company Information / Trade Conditions


Nature of Business : Manufacture / Export / Import
Target Export Market : Worldwide
Percentage Export : 70%
Minimum Order : US$ 5,000.00 or unless otherwise specified
Delivery Lead Time : Within 60 days or unless otherwise specified
Payment Term : Irrevocable L/C 100% at sight or 100% T/T in advance
FOB Port : Taiwan
Contact Person : Tim, Tung-Yuan Liu
E-mail :

 We also manufacture Thread Rolling Dies for our clients.